Why Movie Release on Friday?

Why Movie Release on Friday?

The concept of releasing movies on Friday is not new; it started in the early 1940s and spread to India in the 1960s. Earlier, movies were released on Mondays. The first Friday release in India was Mughal-e-Azam, on August 5, 1960. The movie made history. It was a big hit and became a regular feature in Indian cinema. It was a hit for a number of reasons.

Good for business

When you release a movie on a Friday, it’s a big deal for everyone. Fridays are typically the end of the week for most people, and the weekend follows right after. This makes Fridays a great day for movie theaters to release new movies. The release of a new movie on Friday also generates buzz about the movie, which is a great way to increase box office revenue.

Unlike the weekday, Friday is a day that most people consider auspicious. In India, it’s the day that the goddess of wealth ‘Laxmi’ is celebrated. It’s also a day for special prayers for Muslims. For this reason, many producers release movies on Friday. Despite these factors, Bollywood continues to release movies on other days during the week as part of the festival season.


There are many benefits to releasing a Crowd-puller movie on Friday. It is the start of the weekend, when people are more likely to attend a movie than during the week. The weekend also has the benefit of being more social, meaning that more people will walk into the movie theater on Friday than during the week. This can make the movie an even better investment for the movie studio. Besides the added exposure to the general public, the weekend release also gives the movie studio an extra push to increase its box office.

Test for Indian films

In India, Friday is considered an auspicious day, the day of the goddess Lakshmi. Films released on this day are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Producers who release their movies on Friday also seek divine blessings to ensure a successful film. For this reason, it is important to release Indian films on this day. In addition, Fridays have the potential to generate more buzz than any other day of the week.

The concept of releasing Indian films on Friday was first introduced by Hollywood decades ago. The film business has been benefitting from Friday releases for decades, and it was a natural progression to follow suit. The film industry in India has experienced an increase in box office collections on Saturday and Sunday. Because of this, Friday was chosen as the official day of release. In addition, some movie festivals have moved to a Friday release.

American tradition

The American tradition of movie release on Friday is rooted in many aspects of filmmaking. First of all, when a new film is released on Friday, it generates a lot of buzz and therefore brings a higher number of moviegoers to the theater. In addition, moviegoers can easily afford to watch movies on Friday, as most people are off from work on Fridays. This makes it very easy for the movie makers to release their latest films and get as many people to see them as possible.

The idea to release movies on Friday came from Hollywood, which started a trend in the early 1940s. Earlier, movies in India were released on Monday, but this trend only began to grow in the 1960s. The first film to release on Friday in India was Mughal-e-Azam, which came out on August 5, 1960. While this was a significant event, there were many other reasons behind the Friday release of Indian films.

Religions’ auspiciousness

In India, Friday is considered to be a day of prosperity and wealth, and many producers choose this day to release a movie. Hindus consider Friday to be auspicious, and Muslims perform special prayers on Fridays. Christians also view Friday as a sacred day. In order to gain divine blessings from all of these faiths, producers release movies on Friday. Here are a few reasons why movie makers choose this day for their release:

In India, the day is considered to be the day of goddess Lakshmi, so releasing a film on this day is considered auspicious. The day is also a half-day, which made Fridays an even better day for releasing a movie. Traditionally, producers would organize muharat shots, where they broke a nariyal on a stone on a certain day. The muharat shots are also believed to bring good fortune to the film producer.

Business benefits

Traditionally, movies were released on Fridays. This is because they generated more buzz and therefore brought in more people to the theater. Films that were released on Wednesdays or Thursdays risked damaging the buzz and thus affecting the box office revenue. However, releasing a film on a Friday will not only benefit the movie but also the audience. This is because Fridays are considered auspicious across most religions in India.

In India, movie release on Friday is beneficial for the industry. Moreover, Bollywood film makers usually release their movies on Fridays. It has been a tradition for decades. Film makers in the Bollywood industry spend crores of rupees to produce a film. Hence, it is not a good idea to take a risk on the release of the movie. Besides, Friday releases bring in better revenue for producers.

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