How Many Movies Has Rajini Actred In?

How Many Movies Has Rajini Actred In?

“How many movies has Rajini acted in?” this question has been on the minds of film buffs for over a decade. In fact, he has starred in more than 190 films! This article will cover a few facts about Rajini, including his most expensive film, Bewafai, and the fact that he made his 150th movie with Kamalhassan sir.


Rajini has starred in more than 190 films over the course of his career, and has worked in a number of different languages. Here are some of the languages that he has acted in. To get a sense of his versatility, consider some of his other roles. For example, his career spans across several different languages, including Telugu, Hindi, and Bengali. It is also notable that he has acted in several foreign countries.

The comedy scenes are a highlight of the film, as Vivek manages to keep the audience laughing as he tries to stop Rajini from telling punch dialogues or talking about PROFESSIONAL ETHICS to a corrupt minister. The make-up and costumes of the characters also contribute to Rajini looking younger. The scenes where he’s looking whiter than he was in real life are an extra treat for the audience. While Rajini is undoubtedly the best actor in the film, his performances have been complemented by the performances of Shreya and Suman. Mottai rajini rocks the house!

The musical score is a disappointment, but the background score is far better. Despite a mediocre musical score, Rajni’s performance is consistently impressive. Shreya looks stunning and acts well, and Kamal Haasan, who was once approached by the director of Enthiran, does a fine job as the film’s narrator. However, A.R. Rahman’s musical score is not memorable enough to make this movie stand out.

Bewafai was India’s most expensive film

Bewafai was released on Sep 20, 1985. It was directed by R. Thyagarajan and starred Vijay Arora and Rajinikanth. This film was India’s most expensive film when it was released, and it is still considered one of the best movies ever made. The film is a hindi-language production and is available to watch online or on ZEE5.

The budget of the movie was so huge that it broke the record for most expensive Indian movie. The budget was more than 450 crores. The film was shot in Tamil and Hindi simultaneously. Its stars included Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson. The cast includes Akshay Kumar and a 61-year-old actor named Rajinikanth. The film is also being shot in 3D in both languages and features Hollywood technicians.

Padayappa was rajini’s 150th film

‘Padayappa’ is a 1999 Tamil film directed by K. S. Ravikumar and starring Rajinikanth. The film is a love story set during the Raja’s childhood and the conflict that ensues. The film was also the 150th film for Rajinikanth, making it one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.

‘Padayappa’ is a classic Tamil film with an abundance of melodrama and regressive ideas. But Rajinikanth builds himself as a man of the people in this film. Though he started out as a villain, he soon excelled in that role, as he did in many other films. In Padayappa, he establishes himself as a hero of the people.

The film was released in multiple languages, including English, and became Rajini’s 150th film. It’s a classic example of Rajini’s versatility, and the film’s climax is a climatic rescue of the Rajassas from a snake-infested forest. Rajini’s 150th film was a huge hit, earning him Rs 440 million worldwide. Although Padayappa was released in Kollywood during a downturn in the industry, it shattered the odds with its high box office debut.

“Padayappa” is a romantic love story set in India. Rajini’s 150th film is a great celebration of the Indian film industry. It marks a special place in the hearts of many fans. It’s no wonder that Padayappa is his best-selling film in the history of Indian cinema. The film features a classic love triangle – a love story with a twist.

The plot revolves around a village chief named Padayappa. Padayappa’s father makes grand donations to weddings and compelled the couple to marry in front of the Murugan temple. Mani’s daughter marries a wealthy engineer from the Padayappa company. After a few months, the family moves to a beautiful, palatial home. Meanwhile, Padayappa’s father assumes the role of the village chief.

Kamalhassan sir was better than rajini

Whether Kamalhassan sir was better in movie or not, it is a question that has divided the film industry for the last few years. While Kamal is younger than Rajini, the two actors share a good friendship and they have often been seen together at various functions. While Rajini has always ruled the box office, Kamal is better at acting and is more versatile as an actor.

This film is full of action and moves at a good pace. The cinematography and background music are world class and the background score is fantastic. The screenplay and script by Kamal Haasan were the reason for the success of the movie. He portrayed the Dalit leader Vincent Poovaraghavan brilliantly. And the performance of Kamal Hassan is a testament to his talent as an actor.

Despite Kamal’s earlier work as a villain, the hero role was his breakthrough. It was the 1978 film Bhairavi that marked his transition into a hero. Kamal Haasan and Rajini worked together in several films in the period between 1975 and 1980. In the year 1978, Rajini reached Kamal’s level and made 20 films. In 1979, he won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award Special Prize for Mullum Malarum.

Ajith Vijay and Kamal Hassan have rivalry, but Kamal Haasan proves that he is India’s best actor. Kamal Haasan sir and Ajith were also friends in real life. Fans commented on their friendship and wished for a collaboration in the future. Among them, Kamal Haasan and Vijay fans hoped for a collaboration.

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