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There is much to debate in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Is Boal’s CIA-based version of events accurate? Or is the film’s portrayal of events overly simplistic? I’ll explore these issues in this review. But first, I’d like to address the CIA’s point of view. Is the CIA’s claim that torture is necessary to bring down Osama bin Laden a legitimate reason for pursuing a man?


In Zero Dark Thirty, we follow a team of operatives who work secretly across the world to find and kill Osama bin Laden. Bigelow is a veteran action director, and she seems to have found her niche in the world of 21st century military angst. The movie is gripping and has teeth-chattering resonances, but it also feels very contemporary. The final set piece is almost half an hour of intense green night vision, showing the manhunt for the “UBJ” (ominous, huh).

The movie is well-made, but I thought the lead actress, Jessica Chastain, didn’t fit in well. During the attack on Camp Chapman, the film is most riveting. The scene is incredibly harrowing, but there is no histrionics or exploitation. Instead, Bigelow and Boal have created an intense, unforgettable experience without compromising character continuity. Regardless of your political opinion, you’ll find Zero Dark Thirty compelling, and recommend it to all.

Character development

The recent headlines that prompted Zero Dark Thirty’s production were based on real events and this movie focuses on the search for Osama bin Laden. Though it takes more than two hours to infiltrate Bin Laden’s compound and capture him, the film is essentially a study of how the CIA agents operated during this period of time. Character development in Zero Dark Thirty could have been better and the film’s last half hour could have been trimmed down.

As a dramatization of true events, Zero Dark Thirty is similar to Boal’s The Hurt Locker, despite its semi-documentary style. However, because it is a true story, the filmmakers can get away with a few things. This movie is not for the faint-hearted and will certainly not appeal to everyone. It will make you think about the nuances of human nature and the intricacies of human behavior.

CIA agent’s claim that torture was necessary in finding Osama bin Laden

The CIA says it needed to use coercive interrogation techniques to catch the notorious al-Qaeda leader, but there’s evidence to dispute that claim. In 2011, US forces tracked down and killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. The CIA says torture helped identify the courier. The CIA says it analyzed multiple streams of intelligence before taking over the interrogation, and he provided information that helped the agency find Bin Laden.

A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee said the CIA had violated rules, abused detainees and failed to manage information, but did not discuss whether the actions were illegal war crimes. Furthermore, the report did not call for criminal prosecutions of CIA agents, interrogators, or superiors. The CIA faced no meaningful consequences for these practices.

Film’s oversimplified version of events

While the oversimplification of history is inevitable in films such as “No Country For Old Men,” “Zero Dark Thirty” still stands out for its heightened emotional impact. This movie is the culmination of the last decade’s 9/11 cinema. James Gandolfini plays a coarse CIA head, while Armando Ianucci penned the screenplay.

The CIA’s oversimplification of events in Zero Dark Thirty is an example of a common mistake in American politics and culture. Although Boal’s film may be thrilling and accurate in capturing the vengeful attitudes of the American public, it’s an oversimplification of events, and it fails to convey the truth of the CIA’s actions. Nevertheless, the film may have helped advance the CIA’s point of view and provide useful information for American audiences.

Reaction from critics

“Zero Dark Thirty” is an epic history of the CIA’s decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden. The film, directed by Robert Redford, tells the story of the operation through the experiences of Jessica Chastain, a former CIA employee who is based on a real-life figure. The film juxtaposes the personal story of Maya with the explosive events that occurred outside of the CIA.

“Zero Dark Thirty” has received mixed reviews. While it does depict the hunt for Osama Bin Laden as a seemingly impossible mission, critics have noted that the film is poorly written and edited. It also fails to keep its characters believable or interesting. Despite its cast of talented actors, the film’s dialogue and pacing are inconsistent and underdeveloped. Some scenes feel forced and unnatural, and the plot is obviously contrived.

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