Can Movie Theaters Search Your Bag?

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Can movie theaters search your bag? This is a question that often plagues movie-going patrons. Regal and Cinemark have policies about how large a bag can be, but the other theaters do not. This article provides a brief overview of why Cinemark and Regal check bags. The Checkers typically search for drugs and weapons, but they don’t look for food or drink. Besides that, it’s not clear what exactly theater checkers are looking for.

Cinemark does not have a policy on large bags

Movie theater chain Cinemark has recently started enforcing a new policy that bans patrons from bringing large bags into its theatres. The company has cited safety concerns as the reason for the new policy. A deadly shooting in Colorado’s Aurora cinema in July 2012 killed 12 people and injured 70 more, with the gunman entering through an emergency exit with several weapons. Cinemark has since changed its policy to allow customers to bring an equivalent-sized tote bag into the theater.

Cinemark’s new policy is intended to improve safety by requiring guests to check their bags before entering the theater. This policy applies to all theaters, including those that do not have a bag checkpoint. The change does not affect diaper bags or medical equipment, but does require attendees to leave these items in their car. It also prohibits weapons, and has signs warning patrons to keep small items out of the theaters.

Regal searches bags

After several recent shootings in the movies, Regal movie theaters have introduced a new security policy: they are now searching bags at all their locations. The company has posted the new policy on their website since September 2012, when they first implemented it. Despite the new policy, Regal has not publicly commented on the recent attacks, nor have they responded to CNNMoney’s requests for comment. This is perhaps an indication of a more generalized issue with security at movie theaters.

The policy was implemented as a way to prevent security lawsuits and potential financial loss. However, many consumers are worried about the safety of their theaters and if this new policy will discourage the next shooting. A recent theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, has raised concerns about the security of the theaters. While it is not completely clear why Regal introduced this security policy, some have argued that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the patrons.

They do not check for food or drink

While you might be able to sneak a snack or a bottle of water into the theater, it is not always possible to watch a movie without food or drink. Most movie theaters do not enforce a policy that prohibits bringing food or drinks into the theater, and you will likely have to clean up after yourself or your guests. Thankfully, these theaters do not enforce a policy against outside food and drink, but they do restrict what you can bring into the theater.

Many movie theaters are now moving beyond the old standbys of popcorn and half-gallon sodas. Although hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream were once staples of many movie theaters, independent theaters have expanded their offerings to include freshly baked sweets, specialty coffee, and beer. Fortunately, many of these new concessions are available on their websites. Read on for more details.

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