Are Movie Theaters Searching Your Bag?

Are Movie Theaters Searching Your Bag?

When it comes to security at a movie theater, you might think that Cinemark, American Bank Center, or other area theaters will inspect your bag. But is that really the case? Read on to find out if Cincinnati area theaters are actually prone to searching bags. We also talk about the exceptions to this rule, such as event nights. In addition, we look at the best ways to avoid a hassle at the theater.

Cinemark won’t check bags

Starting Feb. 22, Cinemark will no longer allow you to bring large bags and packages into its theaters. The only exceptions to the policy are medical equipment and diaper bags. Cinemark is entitled to check all bags for items, and they said they will do so if they feel a bag is unsafe or may be a threat to other patrons. Moviegoers are outraged by the move, which they say is an attempt to curb popcorn consumption.

In the face of recent mass shootings in the U.S. and Latin America, Cinemark’s new bag policy makes sense. After all, it is much less expensive to heat a movie theater than it is to check your bags. Besides, if it was that expensive, it would be better to keep the theater cold than warm. Besides, the theater is not a safe place for a large bag to be.

American Bank Center won’t check bags

Unlike most movie theaters, Cinemark won’t check bags at American Bank Center. However, the company reserves the right to do so. The theater chain operates brands including CineArts, Rave, Tinseltown and XD. Cinemark previously operated two movie theaters in Corpus Christi, including the Dollar Cinema at the Sunrise Mall. The policy is now strictly enforced. However, there are some cons to the new policy.

First, theaters must spell out their policies clearly to employees. They must also specify what they will do if they discover a weapon. In San Diego, police have reached out to businesses to educate them on their policies. Regal Cinemas and Showcase Cinemas have banned backpacks and other bags. Some independent theater chains have experimented with bag-check policies. The Knoxville, Tennessee,-based Showcase Cinemas does not check bags, but does ban backpacks.

Cincinnati area theaters don’t check bags

If you’re looking for a great night out, why check your bag at your local Cincinnati area movie theater? It might be because you’re taking the kids with you, or you’re worried about security concerns. While some movie theaters will not check bags, others will, so make sure your bag is smaller than the one the theater requires. Most Cincinnati area theaters are managed by Cinemark, which owns three locations in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati area theaters inspect bags on event nights

Cinemas across the Cincinnati area have implemented a new policy to check bags on event nights. Cinemark Theaters have begun inspecting the bags of their customers. These theaters are making the move following attacks on two movie theaters in the area this summer and the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, three years ago. The shooter, James Holmes, was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month. Similar policies have been implemented at sporting events.

Cincinnati area theaters have strict bag policies

If you’re in the mood for an upcoming flick, consider checking out some Cincinnati area movie theaters that are notorious for their strict baggage policies. Cinemark operates three theaters around the Cincinnati area, and Rave Cinemas Florence in Northern Kentucky. While it’s not always practical to leave your bag behind, you’re better off opting to check your bag before entering the theater. Cinemark’s strict policy is in response to a gunman’s attack on its theater in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. Regal Entertainment Group, which owns four Cincinnati area movie theaters, also instituted the policy, including the Deerfield Towne Center 16 in Warren County.

Aside from enforcing the policy, Cinemark also has a no-bag policy at their three Cincinnati theaters. The company limits bags to a size of 12 inches by six inches – approximately the size of a round cake box or a basketball. The size limit is the same as that enforced at National Football League stadiums. However, even if you’re not an avid sports fan, it’s best to stay away from the Cincinnati area theaters’ strict bag policies to protect your health.

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