The Movie 500 Days of Summer

The Movie 500 Days of Summer

‘500 Days of Summer’ follows two unlikely lovers, Tom (Zooey Deschanel) and his hopeless romantic girlfriend Summer (Zooey Deschaned). As the year ends, Tom looks back on their five hundred days of love and reflects on the importance of finding true passion in life. The movie is a sweet and heartwarming romantic comedy. It’s a great summer date movie that will make you cry, laugh, and think about love and life.

Zooey Deschanel as Summer

In the comedy 500 Days of Summer, Zooey Deschanel plays Tom, a hopeless romantic who has fallen in love with an old friend. After 500 days together, he reflects on the past and rediscovers his true passions. This is a touching story of how two people can fall in love and find true love. This romantic comedy is a must-see for any film lover.

This film’s unconventional approach to the rom-com genre paved the way for other rom-coms. Although both characters end up in new places, the relationship between Summer and Tom is not without controversy. Although many fans criticized the movie for the way Summer was portrayed, Deschanel is standing by her character and the film’s ending. It’s clear that the actress feels passionately about her character, and she’s not afraid to share it with fans.

Architecture in the Architecture of Happiness

In The Architectural of Happiness, Alain de Botton explores the importance of beauty in our surroundings. Inspired by Stendhal’s “beauty is the best medicine,” de Botton examines our surroundings, our desires, and our need for beauty. While some may be skeptical of this concept, Botton shows us the power of beauty to bring about happiness. While it’s important to have a good sense of aesthetics, the architecture of happiness is not the only thing that makes us happy.

A well-designed home evokes emotions and a sense of tranquility. In addition to providing protection from the elements, an orderly home helps us feel patient and calm after a busy day. This sense of harmony can help us overcome stress and create a sane environment. After a stressful day at work, a peaceful home is a welcome respite. It is the perfect sanctuary. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your home more beautiful, consider this book.

Tom and Summer’s relationship

During the course of the novel, Tom and Summer’s relationship develops. At the wedding of a mutual friend, Tom dances with Summer and she invites him to a party. Tom goes expecting to rekindle their love, but instead finds out that Summer is engaged. Tom and Summer begin a new chapter in their relationship. Throughout the novel, they become closer and eventually begin to fall in love.

While a romantic comedy, the novel also deconstructs the trope of the manic pixie dream girl. Tom sees Summer as an idealized version of herself, but in reality, she’s an imperfect real person. The novel highlights the difficulty of Tom’s characterization of Summer, who he has put on a pedestal. Summer’s lack of self-confidence, her obsession with architecture, and her frequent use of the L-word are signs of her deceit. Ultimately, Summer is a good person, but he doesn’t recognize her depth.

Split-screens in the movie

Marc Webb uses a visual motif called split-screens to juxtapose Tom’s hopes and reality. The movie begins with a wide establishing shot of Tom walking into the gate. As the film moves forward, the camera pushes in slowly to show the scenes that unfold in Tom’s life. The music from Regina Spektor’s “Hero” plays over the scene and fits perfectly with Tom’s ups and downs.

Another example of a movie using split-screens is in the film (500 Days of Summer). In this instance, a scene between Nancy Allen and Michael Caine shows the characters watching the same program. In this instance, the split-screen allows De Palma to show the reflections of both characters in mirrors. The split-screen effect is a classic example of extreme virtuosity.

Alain de Botton’s influence on the film

Whether you’re familiar with his work or not, you’ll recognize the French/English author as one of the best-selling authors of the 20th century. His philosophic self-help books have helped millions of people become happier by exploring the complexities of everyday life and the architecture of happiness. In his most recent work, Status Anxiety, he explores the quest for love and how material possessions become a means of manifesting that desire. Though this is a rather earnest term paper, it does offer a clear lens that allows readers to understand the complex world we live in.

While the novel is based on a book by Alain de Botton, its philosophic theme is also evident. In the novel, a self-aware narrator named Tom meets a beautiful girl named Summer Finn who works for a greeting card company. The two of them fall in love, but their love life is far from happy. During the summer of 1950, the two find themselves stuck in a life shattered by tragedy. This experience makes them more self-aware and aware of the randomness of love.

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