How Much Movie Ticket in SM Cost?

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How much does a movie ticket in SM cost? In this article, we’ll explain how much each ticket costs, what your payment options are, and where to find participating SM Cinema branches. Hopefully, you’ll find this information useful as you plan your next trip to the movies. And of course, we’ll let you know where to find the nearest branch so you can purchase your tickets with ease.

Prices of movie tickets

If you love watching movies, you’ll be happy to know that prices in Singapore are relatively affordable. You can find some great films with reasonable prices at Shaw Theatres. Most of these cinemas are located within the CBD. The theaters are not affiliated with any movie studios or chains. For example, tickets to any movie at the Shaw or Eaglewings are $8.50. Then there’s the ‘gold class’ cinemas that charge up to S$34.

Regular weekend tickets at most cinemas are usually less than $10. However, prices may increase when popular movies are on sale or when the cinema is full of tourists. If you want to experience the cinema in style, you can pay for a director’s club membership or a seat in the premium lounge. These memberships, however, usually cost twice as much as the regular price. You should know what to expect before you buy your tickets.

Payment options

With low minimum spends, you can earn rebates for movie tickets. You can also get rewards on select credit cards. Here are some of the best movie credit cards in Singapore. These are listed in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and are based on two years’ worth of monthly spending. Unlike its closest competitor, the OCBC Frank Card also offers top rebates. However, there are no fee-waivers available on other cards, so you can only claim the rebates if you spend more than S$1,000 a year.

EZ-Link: This card is a convenient way to pay for movie tickets in Singapore. If you’re a movie buff, you can use the EZ-Link card to pay for your movie tickets at select theaters in Singapore. EZ-Link has partnered with QB Pte Ltd to enable moviegoers to use their ez-link card at participating theaters. You can use your ez-link card to make non-transit payments, too.


When you are looking for a cheap movie ticket, it is best to avoid gold class screenings and choose a regular adult pass instead. Gold-class screenings can have very high prices, and tickets can cost up to S$34. On the other hand, regular adult screenings are cheaper, and tickets can cost as low as S$4.25 for an adult. The price of the tickets depends on the cinema you choose and the seating configuration.

Seat capacities in Singapore are also being tightened. The government is limiting the number of people that cinemas can accommodate, and this is causing cinemas to limit their capacity. While a screening with fewer than 100 attendees is still allowed, one with more than 250 attendees will need to be tested. The Golden Village Multiplex, which has 14 cinemas in the city-state, has begun blocking seats next to each other when customers buy their tickets online.

Locations of participating SM Cinema branches

SM cinema has announced that it will be screening local independent movies this year. The partnership will last for three years and will feature selected films from participating local filmmakers. Participating branches are located in major SM malls, including SM MOA, SM City North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Clark, SS Bacoor, & SS Davao. Check out the participating branches below for more details.

To watch the concert live, you have to get a ticket from SM Cinema’s official website. Tickets will cost PHP1,900 per person, and you’ll be able to watch both the in-person performance and the livestreaming concert. The live concert will start at 4:45 p.m., Philippine time, and will end at 8:45 p.m. It will be available in all participating branches until March 17.

Availability of film titles

Availability of film titles in Singapore varies depending on the type of movie. For example, certain foreign films may be banned, while others may be banned in part because of their political content. The classification process for movies in Singapore is very conservative, with the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) taking special care to follow government preferences. Here’s a list of the film titles available in Singapore. A quick and easy guide to Singapore film titles

Netflix Singapore has taken action to ensure the public’s safety by removing several drug-related titles from its catalogue. This includes two cooking competition series based on cannabis and a documentary titled Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics, which explores the science behind hallucinogens and stars celebrities. Additionally, Netflix has removed two films from its Singapore catalogue, including the upcoming Cuties movie and an episode of the Designated Survivor series.

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