“9 to 5” and “Still Working 9 to 5”

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“9 to 5” is a cult favorite and is a funny film featuring the talents of Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin. Despite its sexist, lying, and egotistical nature, this movie is a definite must see for anyone who likes to laugh. In the movie, Miss Doralee Rhodes, played by Dolly Parton, is the ultimate office freak.

Still Working 9 to 5

“Still Working 9 to 5” pays homage to one of the classic films about women’s rights by exploring workplace inequality. The film’s sound editor, Nicholas Eliopoulos, recalls hearing Dolly Parton sing the show’s theme song to him and Fonda. In the film, she reprises the song in a minor key duet with Kelly Clarkson. Still Working 9 to 5 provides one of the best arguments for the timeless value of 1980s material, despite dated jokes and some unfocused passages.

Produced by Larry and Gary Lane, “Still Working 9 to 5” takes an in-depth look at the real-life story behind the movement. Featuring interviews with actual employees and a look at the 1980 film, this documentary looks at the issues that fueled the movement. The film’s premiere in Texas is scheduled for March 14-20. The documentary will be available on PBS in 2021. It is recommended for audiences of all ages, especially those who are interested in social justice and the history of labor.

Dolly Parton

The original 9 to 5 film was a huge hit that has spawned a Broadway play, television series, and more. Fans have long hoped for a sequel. While the original film’s producers did plan to make a sequel, plans were halted and never made it to the cinema. However, in 2005, the producers resurrected the film’s sequel plans. In addition to adding more plot, this time around, the movie would be more political and involve the three main actors again.

Dolly Parton was cast as the boss in the 1980 film “9 to 5”. She starred alongside Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Her character was a ruthless boss who harassed her staff. She also wrote a song for the film that became a number one hit in the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to her role as Doralee Rhodes, Parton also wrote a hit song for the movie, which became a huge hit.

Jane Fonda

One of the most beloved comedies of all time is 9 to 5, which stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin. The movie is a feminist romp that changed how people thought about working women for decades. Jane Fonda co-produced the film, and she even saw it play on Broadway. However, the controversy around the film didn’t stop Fonda from giving it her all.

In the original film, Fonda was paired with Lily Tomlin, who played the office secretary. The film also introduced a friendship between Fonda and Tomlin. Fonda and Tomlin recently wrapped the final season of Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original comedy series. Tomlin also made an appearance in the series’ season finale. Despite the controversy surrounding 9 to 5, the movie has remained a classic.

Lily Tomlin

The 1980 comedy “9 to 5” with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton is a feminist and camp classic. It’s a powerful indictment of a stalled-out society and its effects on women. The sequel, Still Working 9 to 5, explores this dichomorphic world view through a female perspective. This witty film is a must-see for all females.

Despite its raunchiness, 9 to 5 has managed to establish a deep friendship between Fonda and Tomlin. The two also worked together on “Grace and Frankie.” The actresses recently wrapped the final season of their Netflix original series, Grace and Frankie, which has starred Tomlin and Parton for seven seasons. Parton even made an appearance in the season finale of the comedy.

Colin Higgins

“Nine to Five” is a hilarious comedy directed by Colin Higgins. Starring Jane Fonda as the sarcastic office manager Violet, Dabney Coleman as her clueless female colleague, and Lily Tomlin as a sexist tyro, the movie has a cast that is sure to delight. And what’s great about the film? Colin Higgins is a talented screenwriter.

The film is based on the original play, and Higgins has written two of the episodes. The playwright himself has also written the script. The actors play the three female characters in the film, and Colin Higgins is one of the producers. The film’s plotline revolves around the plight of a struggling office worker. Throughout the movie, each employee faces challenges that are a constant struggle to overcome.

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